November 2006

When the City of Bismarck, ND decided to improve plowing services to their community the goal was to clear the snow pile commonly left behind by plowing - from this goal a unique and innovative product was born.

Lee Jenson of North Products, Inc. worked with Bismarck to develop the Hi-Gate™ hydraulic end gate system to capture the snow on demand and carry it past the driveway or intersection. The new product was tested, refined and ultimately patented under US Patent No: 6,347,465. The Hi-Gate™ was initially developed for use on Henke's heavy duty REL loader plow. It is now also available on leading brand motor graders for mounting on the grader blades.

The concept has taken off and there are several units in service nationally. To see a video of this new concept - log on to henkemfg.com and click on this Henke Hi-Gate™ link. See how Couer d'Alene, ID revolutionized plowing services to their community by adopting the Hi-Gate™ into their operation.

For more information contact:

Mike Blake
Henke Manufacturing Co.
3070 Wilson Avenue
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048
913-682-0300 fax


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