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Decades of Dedication to
Industrial Markets!

We even have an on-staff Pet Food expert!

But, he's more of a consumer than consultant.


Food & Pharmaceutical Equipment

From raw ingredients & additives to the final packaging & delivery we have served customers involved in the entire process.

Conveying & Material Handling

Dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying, planetary or worm gear drives, valve bags or bulk sacks, welded day bins or bolted silos, fork lifts to spreader beds our clients keep the materials moving.

Gas & Oil Processing & Storage

Drilling, fracking, pigging, slug catching, separating, gathering, midstream and cracking all are in our vocabulary. Our clients develop the resources, lay the pipelines, operate the pumping stations and expand the refineries.

Process Controls & Automation

We have watched the evolution of PLCs, robotics and machine vision as systems have become more complex the interface has become more intuitive. Technology like 3D printing is changing the entire production & marketing process.

Machine Tools, Welding & Fabrication Equipment

This exciting arena is where the sophisticated new production tools meet the hands on the production line. They are all moving to improve safety, throughput and gain a competitive advantage.

Air & Water Pollution Control

Environmental issues impact all of us and every corporate bottom line. Effective equipment and preventative measures for industrial and municipal applications are the best answers for all of us.

Vehicle Equipment & Accessories

From pipe handling, to proper lighting, the array of equipment for mobile applications continues to grow. The commercial fleet and government vehicle opportunities can cover from tens to tens of thousands.

Professional Services Targeting Industrial Markets

Engineers, consultants and analysts need to define narrow industrial segments to maximize their marketing efforts. Mergers, acquisitions and evolving technologies make communication targeting an unending challenge.

We know that in order to Communicate about Technology
you must understand the technology.

The "How it Works" is basic to our approach.

We don't claim to know what you know, but an understanding of the fundamentals can bring us up-to-speed quickly!

Our market experience is not the only thing that differentiates us.

We don't accept media commissions!

We prefer to work on a fee basis. We feel that the 15% commission from the media is a conflict of interest. We want it perfectly clear that we work for you and negotiate the lowest possible prices.

Our Editors list is excellent!

We' can get the word out to all the trade publications that may be interested in your story, not just the ones that you can afford to advertise with.

Tracking your program is important!

Advertising requires a certain amount of trial and error. The biggest error is continuing to repeat things that don't work. You need to track the results to improve your efficiency.

Trade Shows
Industry Trade Shows

We attend a number of shows each year on our own dime. It helps with our industry knowledge. We can also help with manning your booth, setup or tear-down...if you are short handed.

Trade Shows
Training & Sales Meetings

It is important that we participate in your training and meeting events. It gives us an opportunity to learn more and talk first hand with your field sales force. The cost for our commitment is usually covered in our fee agreement.

Graphic Logo
3D CAD Illustrations

We can convert your engineering department's solid model files to animations or illustrations. We also use our 3D capability to illustrate chemical reactions or abstract concepts that are difficult to visualize.



Proper integration can change a series of disjointed messages into a brand.

From bingo QR apps...we have embraced changing technology.

We work in a full range of media...

Interactive & Internet

If it involves presenting your message with digital technology we have been involved since the concept began.

Traditional Trade Press

Our years of experience covers all the printed trade magazines and their ever expanding on-line variations.

Large Format and Display Work

Point-of-purchase...or table top...or complete booth design, we can help.

All forms of print & collateral

We always bid your project with three printers. We select the one with the right equipment, quality and price.

On-line Directories & Industry Search Engines

We can keep your product and contact info up-to-date.

Social media, SEO and Ad Word Campaigns

Finding the right balance of investment and effectivity for social media efforts and optimization is an important process.

Adaptive Web Programming
Our customers come from all around the country

Seattle, WA - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Aberdeen, SD - Libertyville, IL - Kansas City, MO - Tulsa, OK

and around the world!

England - Germany - Japan - India - Canada

What our clients say about us!


We Prefer to Create Photos vs. using Stock Photos

Stock Photos often communicate "Me Too" Marketing.

We have the equipment and experience to photograph your equipment and facilities in action. We can shoot high resolution Stills or HD Video.

Here's a collage of visuals representing a few of the images we have created.